Sunday, November 25, 2012

Basic sewing room setup

If you are setting up for a sewing project, you will want to have three discrete "stations" set up if possible:

  1. Your sewing machine station. If you are sewing at long table (like a dining room table), make sure your sewing machine is set off to the right of the table, so that you can have the excess fabric laying on the table instead of dangling off the side, which will pull at your seams.
  2. Your ironing station. Ironing board and iron. You will use this even more than the sewing machine, so put it in pleasant spot. I put mine in the sunroom.
  3. Your cutting and assembling station. This is the "big, flat area" mentioned in the previous post. You  definitely need this for cutting-out, but if space is at a premium, you might be able to use some of your sewing machine station and/or ironing station for laying out and assembling after you've cut out your fabric.

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