Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Swag

Having put in enough hours that she's decided I'm serious about all of this, Mom got me a ton of sewing tools for Christmas...

  1. Styling Ruler - I probably won't be ready to use this for a bit, it's for making alterations to a pattern. It doesn't look too hard -- but it's definitely more advanced than I am now.
  2. Hem Gauge - I tried to use this on my latest project but had a bit of trouble with it, but it does look like a neat way to get an even hem.
  3. Tailor's Ham -- TAILOR'S HAM! Now that I'm doing fitted sleeves, I really wanted this so I could iron the shoulder seams open. Plus, it's called a Tailor's Ham!
  4. Sleeve Roll -- This is another tool for ironing sleeves. It basically looks like a miniature ironing board.
  5. Crane Snips -- I'm going to keep those in my sewing machine tray and move my other snips to my assembly area toolbox.
  6. Extra needles for the sewing machine -- because you can never have enough...
  7. Measuring Gauge -- This neat little doodad has a bunch of allowances on its different curves. It's not a substitute for a proper Seam Gauge, but it looks like it will be handy for quick-and-dirty measurements without all the fiddling.

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